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VBS Collects $590 for EduNations

VBS ended on Thursday night after three fun evenings. We had a total of 47 children and youth that attended at least once during the three days. One of the most exciting events of the last evening was the announcement that we had collected $590.12 for EduNations. EduNations work had been highlighted during the week. The short video below will give you a good understanding of their work.

EduNations is a faith-based non-profit organization that builds and operates schools in under-resourced communities. We believe that the key to the development of these communities is education. When boys and girls learn, the lives of their families, community, and nation are transformed. EduNations is committed to educating the whole child in mind, body, soul, and spirit. We rely on the generous donations of individuals, organizations, and churches who value education and believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. Our students come from rural villages where there are no schools. Without your support, these students will be trapped in the cycle of poverty that has plagued their communities for generations. You can educate a child, ignite hope, and transform their life! You can make a difference! Invest in a child's life today!

You can learn more about EduNations at

I've also added a couple of pictures from the last evening of our VBS.

Pizza for the family dinner:

Activity song during the opening:

A little friendly competition before the adult class:

Pool Noodle Croquet:

Snack time:

Game during the closing:

Learn more about our VBS program this year at

See more pictures from VBS at

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