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VBS - Fellowship & Activities

This year's VBS has a special focus on building relationships between individuals and families in the church and the community. One of the special ways that this is being done is through a family dinner each evening at 5 PM. Wednesday's dinner was chicken and mac&cheese. Tuesday was Taco Tuesday.

Each evening begins and ends with a time when all the different age groups come together for singing, learning about God's Word, and having some fun together. Each song has actions that kids of all ages enjoy participating in. We are grateful for some of our older teens and younger adults who are willing to lead us.

Alden has a great time each evening with outside games. The games are organized by age group with each group having its own unique challenges.

Children of all different skills have fun together with games that are just a little outside the normal sports bubble. Wednesday night games included a race with soccer balls as a warmup.

The main event was "human foosball". The kids had to try to get the ball in their goal while being constrained by holding onto a rope in pairs or threes. Honest, they all stayed upright all the time - no head over heels!

The closing program each night has also included some participants racing the clock using skills that have absolutely no practical use!

One of the themes that keep coming up is about "game-changers". We have learned that just like there are game-changers in sports there are game-changers in life. Click the three circles at the top of the page for more information.

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