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T.A.G - Youth Leader Report from the 2022 Annual Report


TAG (Teens After God) had another great year in 2022!  Our regularly scheduled youth group averaged over 20 teens each meeting.  The group is made up of kids in sixth through twelfth grade, some churched and some unchurched.  Our core group of Christian teens often invite friends and acquaintances, and over 50 different kids attended youth group at least one time throughout the year.  At youth group we spend time reading and reflecting on the bible, playing games, snacking, praying, and socializing.  This year we began working our way through the book of Luke.  Each meeting we read a chapter from Luke, reflected on the verses, and developed a life application for us today.  Many teens grew tremendously in their faith and prayer life throughout the year.  

In addition to our regularly scheduled Youth Group, we participated in many other special events this year.  Sports Camp at Hickory Park this summer was a great success, with over 60 kids attending and many teens volunteering to help.  Our VBS teen group was epic, averaging well over 20 teens each day.  In October, teens volunteered to help make the Harvest Festival a great event for the community.   In November, we chartered a bus and took almost 50 people to the “Reverb” event in Rochester.  It was an awesome all-night event, beginning with an Amerks hockey game, which was followed by a Christian youth rally with games, prizes, and a salvation message.  After that it was a full night of sports, a video arcade, mini-golf, go-carts, and all you can eat pizza.  Over 1,600 teens attended the event this year.  Two of the teens that went with our church gave their lives to God and accepted Christ for the first time!  In December, we had many teens participate in the church Christmas concert and Christmas pageant.  We also took a large group of kids caroling with Mrs. Wright.

Many of our church teens continued to use their gifts to do the work God had prepared in advance for them this year.  Our teens volunteered for Foodlink food distributions, Bergen Christian Sports Camp, VBS, Christmas Caroling, the Christmas Concert, the Harvest Festival, etc.  I am so very impressed with their willingness to use their time, treasure, and talents to shine the light and love of Jesus into the world around them.  

I was also blessed this year to have many adults step up to help with various TAG events.  Once again, David Catalino continued his role as the assistant leader at TAG this year, which is always appreciated.  Jim Wilson and Jeff Goodenbery were both brave enough to come and help with Reverb this year.  I was very thankful for their assistance.  Many other adults also pitched in to help monitor and guide teens at various events like VBS, sports camp, Foodlink distributions, caroling, the Harvest festival, etc.  Thank you to everyone who helped this be a great year for our teens!
As we begin 2023, please continue to pray for our teens and for all of the youth in our church and the community.  Pray specifically for God’s protection and guidance in their lives!  

Peace  ~ Joe 

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