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VBS '23 Kicks Off

Tuesday night, August 1, Bergen EPC kicked off three nights of VBS. Using a new format, the VBS is meeting from 5 to 8 PM on three nights. Each night starts with a family dinner and includes activities for all ages including adults. We had 39 children and youth who attended the first night. About 25 adults from both BEPC and other churches helped in a variety of ways.

Pastor Brandt, who MC'ed the opening and closing activities, reported "Tonight, the children had a great time and learned a lot about Jesus and how he cares for them. They had a fun time together eating on Taco Tuesday, singing songs about Jesus, playing games such as paper, rock, scissors, memorizing Isaiah 41:10, and learning about Peter looking to Jesus. One child talked about the importance of memorizing Bible verses so he can remember them when he is going through difficult times."

There were five classes that met. The Preschool class (which was led by Julie, Marty, David C., and Danielle) had a great time in one of the new rooms dedicated to the children's ministry.

Delores helped the young people memorize their verse for the evening. Here she is working with the kindergarten and 1st-grade class, which was led by Sandy and Chris.

Bethany (love the dress, below) taught the Bible story about Peter walking on the water to Chad's and Josh's 2nd- and 3rd-grade class.

Phil lead those in 4th and 5th grade and Alden tried hard to provide an outlet for all their energy with outdoor games.

Joe and Wendy led the teens in a fun game of trying to guess the identity of each one from a list of ten characteristics they had written on cards. They also spent a good time discussing the teen's greatest fears.

There was also an Adult group led by Judy Bailey which was focused especially on parents, allowing them to understand the stories that their children were learning. The adults in the class enjoyed a good time looking at God's Word and getting to know each other.

Learn more about our VBS program this year at

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