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Evangelism & Missions

Sharing the Gospel Near and Far

Throughout 2022, the E&M Team has offered opportunities for members of our church family to share the good news of Jesus here in Bergen and in remote jungles of Africa, plus places in between.  Here's a summary of some of the activities offered by our members and supported by our church through the E&M budget: 

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Sarah Speer

A missionary in the Congo who brings light and healing to AKA Pigmies who are suffering from leprosy and other tropical diseases. In addition to annual support, Sarah and her team were recipients of the Lenten Offering that purchased a tent for their expeditions into the jungle with medicine and the gospel.  We arranged to have the tent transported by another missionary to make sure it arrived in the Congo as planned. 

Gospel to Vietnam

We added support for a new outreach to Southeast Asia channeled through CCO (Christian Coalition Outreach).  More information will be coming soon. 


Schools, health clinics and churches are built and operated by this mission in remote Sierra Leone. 

Mexico Mission

Jose Ulianov preaches and provides tangible blessings to folks in an impoverished area of Mexico City. 

Albania Colleges

Berti Berhami is a regional director for CRU, spreading the gospel on campuses in Albania and nearby countries. 

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