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September Organ Renovation Update

September 11, 2023

The renovation of our pipe organ is nearing the home stretch! Parsons has finished cleaning and re-voicing the pipes at their shop and installed the new bellows and air reservoirs here at church. Within the next two weeks, they will connect the air system to the organ chest and finish restoring the keyboard manuals at their shop. Then, they will bring the manuals back to church, re-connect the manuals to the instrument, return the pipes, and complete the project. Parsons believes they will be finished in 6-8 weeks: late October/early November.

To the right and below are pictures of the air reserve inside the organ enclosure in the sanctuary.

The bellows are located in the basement in the blower room (off the hall across from the nursery.) In the picture below you can see the new bellows above the original blower. The new piping (upper-right) carries the air upstairs to the organ.

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