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Place Your Full Trust in God!

TAG Teens Helping at Foodlink - March 21, 2024

TAG Youth Group is thriving and growing, with new teens showing up regularly. Many of our teens also showed up to help at the first 2024 Foodlink distribution at the church on March 21st. The teens fulfilled various roles, ranging from handing out food, to carrying boxes with food to cars, to moving and organizing tables and pallets. Thank you to everyone who showed up to shine the light of Jesus into our community that day. In youth group on March 17th we read, discussed, and reflected on Luke Chapter 8 verses 26-39. In these verses, Jesus casts a “Legion” of demons out of a possessed man. Each week I challenge the teens to come up with an application of the scripture read, which is relevant to them in their own life. The teens found discerning a real-life application difficult for this particular passage, but in the end, decided that this passage reinforced to them the fact that God can overcome anything and you can place your full trust in Him!

Our TAG youth group will be meeting on the following Sundays from 6:00-8:00 PM: April 7th, April 21st, and May 5th. Please keep all the teens in our group, and in Bergen, in your prayers. Continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance in their lives!

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