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Light Your Lamp …

TAG Teens (and Special Guest)

… and Display It for all the World to See! TAG (Teens After God) teens are growing and maturing in their faith and understanding of God’s plan for their lives in each youth group. We are continuing our trek through the book of Luke during our time of bible reading and reflection each week. We read and discussed Luke Chapter 8 verses 16-

18 at our most recent meeting. In these verses, Jesus talks about lighting a lamp and placing it on a stand for all to see. Each week I challenge the teens to come up with an application of the scripture read, which is relevant to them in their own life. What the teens took away from our evening reflection on February 18th is that our faith, as Christians, should be like a lamp on a stand … clearly displayed for all to see! One of the teens described it in this way, “Our lamp is like a giant candle of God that all Christians carry around. We should be using our candle to spark other candles to life.”

Our TAG youth group will be meeting next on the Sunday, March 17th from 6:00-8:00 PM. Please keep all the teens of our group, and in Bergen, in your prayers. Continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance in their lives!

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