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TAG learns about True Faith in Jesus

What does your version say? That question comes up a lot during TAG (Teens After God) youth group discussions. Some teens prefer the King James Version, some prefer the New Living Translation, and others the New International Version or the English Standard Version. What I appreciate about the question though, is that it means the teens are fully engaged and interested in coming to a more full and deep understanding of the scripture we are reading. We read and reflected on Luke Chapter 8 verses 40-56 at our most recent TAG gathering. In these verses, the deep faith of a sick woman heals her and Jesus raises a young girl from the dead. Each week I challenge the teens to come up with an application of the scripture read, which is relevant to them in their own life. What the teens took away from our evening reflection on April 21st is that having faith in Jesus can heal all types of wounds…emotional, physical, and spiritual!

TAG Teens Playing Games – April 2024

Our TAG youth group will be meeting in the Teen Room from 6:00-8:00 PM on Sunday, April 28th, May 19th, and June 2nd. Please keep all the teens of our group, and in Bergen, in your prayers. Continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance in their lives!

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