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Parsons Organ Visit

Parson Pipe Organ Builders

On Monday morning, July 24, a group of 18 from church travelled to Bristol to visit Parsons Pipe Organ Builders, where our organ is being restored. The first part of our tour took place in their conference room where we learned Parsons' process for designing and building new instruments. Next, we walked through their workshop and spent time in the voicing room, where we saw our organ’s pedalboard, both manuals, and some of the organ mechanism. Finally, we saw parts of the organ they are currently building, including a demonstration of how different pipe materials sound and how the pipes are tuned. Following the tour, many stopped at Tom Wahl’s in Avon for lunch. We may try to make one additional trip to Parsons in late August. If interested, let Alden Snell know at 585-590-0129.

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