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Parkfest Booth Tells Our Church Story

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Our church booth at the Bergen Parkfest informed members of the community of the number of activities happening at BEPC.

Shirley Harris, with assistance from Joan Dermody, assembled a booth that drew people in to learn more about activities at our church and hear about the love of Jesus.

"All the prayers and helpers made it happen," Shirley said.

Volunteers did everything from putting up the tent and bringing tables and chairs from the church, staffing the booth through the afternoon, running games for children, and sharing about Jesus. They included Dave Wright, Bruce and Sandy Partridge, Brian and Julie Foeller, Alden Snell, Jonathan Snell, Elizabeth Snell, Donna Lacey, Delores Seward, Stu Freeman, Joan Dermody, and David Catalino. Neva Lattimer donated water.

The team distributed more than 80 pens with church address as well as information sheets with church info including Vacation Bible School and FoodLink. The team was able to pray with several members of the community.

VBS, Sports Camp, Sewing with a Purpose, and other programs were well advertised as many people stopped, looked, and asked questions. The table sandbox was a hit with younger children. The older kids enjoyed the beanbag game and kept bringing their friends back.

Free water was offered to visitors. Bandages were available, but not needed. The day was a beautiful summer afternoon.

"I appreciate everyone’s love and coming together as the Lord always blesses our church," Shirley said.

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