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Fattening the Flock with Fellowship

July 16

On Sundays, after church service, we gather in the fellowship hall/dining hall for a time of feasting and fellowship. Please join us! This is a wonderful time for people to get to know others in our church family, build relationships, and support each other. There is a small buffet of food and beverages for everyone to enjoy, along with plenty of seats. This style of coffee hour is offered every Sunday, including holidays, with the exceptions of when there are church breakfasts or special church luncheons. Those, of course, will take precedence.

There is a sign-up sheet for volunteers on the bulletin board in the hallway that leads to the fellowship hall. We are looking for volunteers to bring food and for volunteers to help with set-up or cleanup. A huge thank you to everyone who has already provided food and cleanup help. It is certainly a team effort!

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