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Intergenerational Sunday School

December 17, 2023

Julie and Judy led a group of about 20 adults and 5 children in a study of the meaning of the Advent Wreath this past Sunday. Both adults and young people read Scriptures from both the Old and New Testament exploring the meaning of the five candles:

  • "Prophet's Candle" - Hope

  • “Bethlehem Candle” - Peace

  • “Shepherds Candle” - Joy

  • “Angel’s Candle” - Love

  • The “Christ Candle” - Jesus is central to the season

Each table lit the five candles in order as the Scriptures were read and the tables discussed how we can prepare our hearts for the true meaning of Christmas.

The children had activities related to the Advent Wreath and preparation for Christmas. Both adults and children talked about the coming of Christmas. We are looking forward to doing this again sometime in the future.

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