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Dick and Shirley Celebrate 70 Years

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

vonBergen Family at Dick & Shirley's home for 70th Anniversary Celebration

Dick and Shirley vonBergen celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on August 30th. Their family hosted a party at Seward’s Barn on Sunday, 9/3, for friends to join the family for this celebration. It was a wonderful time of celebrating and connecting with old friends. Many stories of their life together were told at this gathering - the joys of God's blessing and His strength in the hard times of life.

Nine of Dick and Shirley's eleven grandchildren and sixteen of their eighteen great-grandchildren were able to be there. Much of the family camped in Dick and Shirley's backyard and Shirley and Dick were so grateful for the break of good weather after a summer of lots of rain. The family was able to spend lots of time together including campfires in the evenings.

One of the blessings of the day was connecting with friends from throughout their 70 years of marriage.

More pictures can be found at:

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