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Bergen EPC Information

Please ask the greeters (at either door) if you have any questions, they will be glad to help you. We are a small, friendly church, so don't hesitate to ask someone around you if you need any help.

Bibles and Words for Hymns

There are Bibles in the pews and the Scripture readings are on the slides. Each reading has a page number, so you can find it easily in the pew Bible. We have free Bibles to take home, see Pastor Brandt or one of the greeters if you would like one. All the words for the songs/hymns that we sing will be on the slides. If you would like a hymnbook, there are ones at the end of each pew.

Hearing Assistance

The church has Williams Sound portable hearing devices that provide a live feed directly from the sound system. See one of the greeters if you would like to use one.

Nursery and Fellowship Hall

The nursery is on the lower level. There is a play area for toddlers and a nursing room with cribs for babies. There is an audio feed of the service in the nursery. For older children - if you would like to take them out during the service, the Fellowship hall is available. There is a video and audio feed of the service there.


Men's and Women's rooms are available if you exit through the door by the organ, go across the lobby, and they are on the left in the hall leading to the fellowship hall. Also, if you exit the sanctuary at the rear, go down the stairs, and there are several restrooms on the lower level.

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